From A to Z : The way we see letters


Ellen Lupton, the author of Thinking with TYPE starts her book by writing that “The organization of letters on a blank page-or screen- is the designer’s most basic challenge.”

Hence the name of this session. Words generated as gestures of the body. Typography has directly modeled itself on the forms of calligraphy. From the first movable type of Gutenberg in the 15th century to the web fonts that are being developed to be used/consumed by us through our hand held devices, typography has indeed come a long way. But is there any reason to make new fonts when there are so many already available for downloading? It’s time to reflect on the motivation to draw new type. While there is no reason to make uninspired new fonts, still, there are typefaces which haven’t been made yet and which we do need.

Agenda: A brief introduction about the need of typography, its evolution/history. Why now, why we and how? Do we need new fonts today? A brief exercise.

Speaker: Suman Bhandary, Type Design professional working on Google typography projects.

Date: 3rd November 2015

Time: 6-8pm

Fee: Rs 100/person

Venue: MakersLoft

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