3D Scanning with Real Sense

3d scanning.jpg

MakersLoft is proud to present “Skills for Tomorrow” a series of training and workshops on skills that will be required for tomorrow’s jobs and careers but are not covered (and sometimes not even considered) under the traditional education system and curriculum.

3D Scanning with Intel RealSense covers:
* Introduction to 3D Scanning and its applications in tomorrow’s careers
* Overview of Intel RealSense technology
* Different UI experiences of Intel RealSense
* Introduction to 3D me (an app that 3d scans your face and takes you to different Avatar a unique experience)
* How to do 3D Scan
* Introduction to R200 camera specially meant for 3D scanning

Instructor: Abhishek Nandy, first Black Belt Developer from India

Date: 15th November 2015

Time: 2-5pm

Fee: Rs 1800/person

Venue: MakersLoft

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