Film Screening – Pushpa


There is a brain, liver, kidneys, sense organs…..and there is this heart. We relate all touching experiences with heart. A screening of a 20 minute film, ‘Pushpa’. Made from the heart, for the heart by Mayank Bhutoria, the filmmaker.


I wanted to put my films in context with my personal life. Previously I had focused on variety and style in my films or was just driven by ideas that excited me at that point of time. The next big step for me, I thought would be exploring personal narrative.

My film is based on a personal story that I wrote last semester. It’s the story of my mother when she got pregnant with me. This film is a dedication to my mother.


Story of a Marwari woman in Calcutta in her mid-thirties, currently pregnant with her fourth child after almost a decade. She’s also in process of moving in to a new house, so she juggles between managing the new house and her family while coping with her physical condition.

Date : 17th January 2016

Venue: MakersLoft