Discussion on Organic Dyeing of Textiles


A discussion at MakersLoft on organic and natural dyeing of textiles with Swarup Dutta, a practising scenographer having a formal training in the field of fashion and textiles and Arun Baid, the owner of Auraherbal wear, one of India’s first few ethical, certified organic brands with a carbon footprint close to zero.

Ahmedabad based Aura Herbal Wear is a GOTS certified eco-friendly textile manufacturing company that has adopted a farm to fashion approach with their range of herbal-dyed, organic cotton fabrics and garments. Founded in 2001, long before ‘sustainable fashion’ became a buzzword, Aura Herbal Wear is the brainchild of Sonal and Arun Baid.

Aura owes its existence to the Arun’s quest for safe, chemical-free, non-toxic, 100% recyclable alternatives to the harmful synthetic dyes used in conventional textile manufacture. Years of experience recycling industrial textile waste made the pair aware of just how toxic textile manufacture and its effluents can be. Industrial textile waste can be recycled just once or twice after which it ends up contaminating the soil, air, ground water, and other aquatic systems, subsequently affecting domestic, agricultural and industrial activities.  Dissatisfied with the role they were playing as recyclers led the pair to search for safe plant-based alternatives.