IRIS National Science Fair

The IRIS National Science Fair is the largest science fair in the country.

About IRIS
IRIS is a public–private partnership between Intel, the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India (DST) for empowering the next generation of innovators. Each year, selected research based science projects by young students, are showcased at the annual IRIS National Fair. Winning students get to represent India at the world’s largest pre-college science competition in the USA. A short video about the IRIS:

Who can participate? Class 8 to class 12
Students who have an idea that is original and innovative, are eligible to participate; individually or in a team of two. Research-based projects or novel engineering design qualify to participate at the IRIS National Fair. Hence, your project must be original in content and should be substantiated with data collected from experimentation, if appropriate. Engineering projects should have novelty improvements over the existing solutions.

End date of application: August 31st, 2016

Subject Categories for Participation at IRIS
1. Animal Sciences (AS)
2. Behavioural and Social Sciences (BE)
3. Biochemistry (BI)
4. Cellular and Molecular Biology (CB)
5. Chemistry (CH)
6. Computer Science (CS)
7. Earth and Planetary Science (EA)
8. Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical (EE)
9. Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering (EN)
10. Energy and Transportation (ET)
11. Environmental Management (EM)
12. Environmental Sciences (EV)
13. Mathematical Sciences (MA)
14. Medicine and Health Sciences (ME)
15. Microbiology (MI)
16. Physics and Astronomy (PH)
17. Plant Sciences (PS)

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