Natural Dyeing & Block printing

For thousands of years, natural dyes have kept us connected with the natural world. It wasn’t until around 150 years ago that synthetic dyes were introduced, and in that short time they have caused immense environmental damage.

Why teach Natural dyeing to students?


In this course students will learn that plants are a source of natural dyes and paints. They will not only learn about the dyeing process but also the importance on Natural Dyeing in living a sustainable life. Students will dye & print their own scarf/T-Shirt

The art of making natural dyes is an excellent way to teach history and science while engaging children in a fun, hands-on activity.

Course includes:

  • Why go natural? About chemical dyes and their impact on environment
  • Herbal Dyeing and extraction of dyes
  • Tie & Dye techniques
  • Block Printing, Stencil Printing
  • How to use organic materials like flowers, leaves, roots, barks and herbs for staining, dyeing and printing

For age 8 years and above. Maximum 10 students can be trained at a time

VENUE: MakersLoft, 22 Ballygunge Park Road, Himadri West Wing, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700019

CONTACT: +91-6290126203 or email for next session