Wood Working Certificate Course

9 yrs above | Maximum 6 students per batch | Learn the basics of wood working, to identify different kinds of wood, how to cut and join wood, using professional hand and power tools. How to give a professional finish a piece by sanding, polishing, applying paint/varnish etc. Participants will make a wooden object and take it back with them.

Call 8335075374 for class fee, timings and registration.

CENTRE: 22 Ballygunge Park Road, Himadri West Wing, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700019

Wood Working Taster

Duration: One session of 2-3 hours

This course is designed to give a taste of some of the basic processes involved in working with wood. It provides a good introduction to the use of hand tools.

 Fundamentals of Wood Working Certificate Course

Duration: 3 months. One session of 2 hours per week.

This course covers:

  • Using Hand Tools for cutting, joining, sanding and finishing wood projects
  • Drafting by hand
  • Learn to saw, chisel and sand wood
  • Types of Wood and how properties like hardness and grain affects its working.
  • Finishing Techniques like sanding, buffing, applying lacquer/varnish/paint etc.
  • Project example: Photo frame, book shelf, chair etc.

Wood Working Beginner Certificate Course

Duration: 6 months. One session of 2 hours per week.

Wood Working Intermediate Certificate Course: 6 months
This course covers:

  • Using Power Tools for cutting, joining, sanding and finishing wood projects
  • Different kinds of joints and when to use what
  • Making Technical Drawing using Fusion 360 software
  • Learning how wood working machines like drill, milling, lathe etc work. and assemble mini-models
  • Project example: Lamps, wine rack, bridge, drawer set etc.

Pictures of past students learning wood working

Chairs below made at MakersLoft

Kushagra Chair 2