School programs

MakersLoft offer the following in-school or after school activities through out India. For locations outside Kolkata, we are currently training teachers of the school to conduct hands-on activities that can develop 21st century skills in children. Some examples of such Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) activities are:

  • Lego RoboticsLego is a phenomenal educational tool and widely used for teaching STEM. Lego provides an easy entry into Robotics for students in middle school, progressing to increasing level of challenges and complexity for Senior School. For class 3-12
  • 3D Designing & 3D PrintingSchools all over the world have started teaching 21st century skills of 3D Designing and 3D Printing that will prepare students for jobs of tomorrow. We offer 18 sessions in an academic year covering one 3D designing software and one 3D Printing project. For Class 6-10 
  • Creative Computing / Scratch: In an increasingly tech world, coding skills are going to be as important as ‘ABC’. We teach Creative Computing using Scratch (a block based programming tool developed by MIT) and MakeyMakey (an invention kit for everyone). The 18 sessions course covers creating stories, interactive games and animation. For Classes 4-7 
  • Natural Dyeing & PrintingThey will not only learn about the dyeing process but also the importance on Natural Dyeing in living a sustainable life. The art of making natural dyes is an excellent way to teach history and science while engaging children in a fun, hands-on activity. Classes 2-12
Besides MakersLoft also helps setup a Tinkering Lab in the school itself. We assist in setting up the lab, procuring tools and equipment, providing curriculum, training teachers and school staff to run the lab independently. To know more click here

Teacher Training for Lego Robotics at the NewTown school, Kolkata

Electronics Workshop with students of Don Bosco Park Circus, Kolkata

Introduction to Hands-on-Learning and Tinkering at Mahadevi Birla World Academy (MBWA) Kolkata

Cardboard Challenge with students of Akshar, Kolkata

At Parents Teacher Meeting at South City International School, Kolkata

Science Workshop at Filix School of Education, Purulia