3D Designer

MakersLoft conducts 3D Designing and Printing courses for school students. The main goal of the 3D Designing and 3D Printing programs is to encourage and foster creativity in students and prepare them for future careers.

The 3D trainer will go through intensive training on 3D Printing, MakersLoft’s teaching
methodology and curriculum.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Make 3D Designs for professional
  • Teach school students the principles of 3D Designing including the introduction to the software and also provide a basic introduction to 3D printing with concepts, examples, and a glossary of 3D terminology
  • Show how to design a 3D structure in the software and print it and support groups of students in designing their own.
  • Teach how a 3D Printer works and guide students projects for 3D Printing
  • Document the students’ individual and group progress throughout the program
  • Be responsible for 3D Printer machine and its upkeep, manage 3D filament supplies
  • Teach at some of the best schools in Kolkata


  • Required: Good English communication skills and personality
  • Required: Excellent knowledge of
    • Any 3D CAD Software- Maya, 3Ds Max, Rhino, etc.
    • Any Vector Software- Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc.
  • Required: Ability to develop content and monitor performance, problem-solving skills and simple computer programming skills
  • Required: Ability to work with school children and handle classroom sessions
  • Required: Be regular, punctual, honest and disciplined himself or herself so as to be a good role-model for children he/ she is working with
  • Preferred: Experience working with children
  • Preferred: Previous experience in 3D Printing

The job is based in Kolkata and there are multiple full time and part-time positions available for this post. Interested applicants , please send your resume to info@makersloft.in