Python Course

What is Python?

Python is a really popular programming language used by companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, and Reddit.

What kinds of things can you build with Python?

You can build: websites, web scrapers, crawlers, scripts, interact with APIs, build your own APIs, build automated and messaging bots, make phone calls and send text messages, do machine learning, data analytics, natural language processing, statistical models, just about everything besides iPhone and Android apps (though you can build parts of those in Python).

Who is this course for?

This course is for senior school students, typically class 8 and above. It is designed to provide an introduction to the Python language for students with little to no prior experience in coding.

What will students learn in this course?

We will cover topics ranging from fundamentals such as data types, variables, loops, and functions to object-oriented programming and GUIs (graphics user interface).

New batch starts at the beginning of every month. Please contact +91-8335075374 or +91-6290126203 or email regarding fees, class schedule and registration process.

Training centre: MakersLoft Pvt Ltd, 22 Ballygunge Park Road, Himadri Apartment, West Wing, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700019


What are the different programming language options for school students? Why choose Python?

There are a lot of potential programming languages out there: C, C++, Go, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, Swift being some of them. Python is more user-friendly than say Java, as it has a more intuitive coding style.

For students who are just beginning in programming, learning Python is a great place to start, as it is less complex. The language is designed to be easy to read, while still being very powerful, which makes it a great language for beginners to learn.

Why should students learn programming ?

Programming is of the most fundamental skills in modern workplaces. It enhances their problem solving skills and logical thinking ability.

Imagine you are given a problem. How do you solve it? In most cases, you are likely to begin with breaking it down to get a better idea of the problem at hand. This is exactly how programming works. To learn a programming language is to develop a structured way of thinking. By coding, you are enabling your brain to break down any problem you come across to smaller and more understandable pieces, to obtain a solution. And Python is a good language to begin with. It has a simple syntax with a powerful set of libraries available for use. Although it is easy to grasp for newcomers, it is used in several areas of science for exploring data.