I highly recommend Makers Loft’s kids activities.  The opportunity to be creative is something that is sorely lacking for kids in Kolkata but Makers Loft provides this opportunity.  Parents wishing to support their kids’ creativity and critical thinking skills should definitely send their kids here.  My son has loved everything he’s attended in Makers Loft, he absolutely loves the place! – Lia Delancey, Mother of a 7yr old  boy



“For anyone who wants to create something, Makers Loft is a wonderland. Large work tables with trays full of fascinating things  and a 3D PRINTER! The children were thrilled. On the final day each group had to give a formal presentation. This, for me, was the best part-the process of design thinking. Meghna Bhutoria told them about smarter ways of solving each problem. Children who had never been heard in class, spoke with confidence and clarity. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and want to come back to learn more.”- Piyali Gupta, Teacher, Akshar school



“Makers loft is a place that is very relevant to Gennext. I have an eight year old boy and at times I channelize, his infinite energy levels, unending curiosity level positively. Activities offered at MakersLoft are quite engrossing, challenging and full of creativity that adds positive value to the overall development of the child.  The SCRATCH session is fantastic solution to the challenge of constant exposure to screen (laptop, computers, phones, tablet, iPad) which as parents we find very worrisome. ” – Anisha Chaturvedi, Mother of an 8yr old boy


“MakersLoft – one of its kind in Kolkata ..A step towards revolution ..change in learning .. in the way a kid thinks , the process !! It is an essential platform which was required in the city !!” – Ragini Goyal, Mother of a 6yr old boy