MakersLoft Membership

MakersLoft offers makerspace membership for use of the studio space and equipment for members to experiment, create products, prototypes, projects samples and more… The concept is similar to a gym membership, where for a monthly fee you can use the equipment and get help from trainers to have a healthy body. A makerspace is a gym for your mind and hands.

// Who can be a member?
Artists, Designers, Engineers, Architects, Tinkerers, Hackers, Students, Hobbyists, Professionals… anyone who like to make things or learn how to make. Age 15 and above.

// What can you make at MakersLoft?
Here are some of the projects made by our makers to inspire you: Art InstallationsWood Working, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Robotics, Natural Dyeing & Printing Textiles,UpcyclingVirtual Reality projects and more…

// Membership Fee is Rs 3000/- per month + GST. There is a one time registration fee of Rs 1500 that is refundable.
NEW! Weekend membership (4 consecutive weekends) now available for ONLY Rs 999/-month + GST.

// Location: 22 Ballygunge Park Road, Himadri Apartment, West Wing, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700019

// Hours of operation: Tuesday-Saturday from 11am – 7pm. Sunday 11am-4pm. We are closed on Mondays. Members can visit the makerspace anytime and stay for as long as they need to, during operating hours. There is no restriction on time as we believe you need space and time to exercise your creativity and innovate.

// Tools and Equipment are accessible upon completion of tool safety training and /or tool testing. Complimentary training is provided to members for most tools and equipment except Laser Cutter and 3D printer. Click on the links to see our tools and equipment: Hand ToolsPower Tools | Electronics Lab | Supplies | Gadgets | Laser Cutter and 3D printer.

We operate on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model – so bring your own laptop/notebook etc. Wifi, Scanning, Printing services and storage facilities are available at an additional cost.

Still have questions? Come visit us and checkout the space or call+91-8335075374 or email